Photography takes something I observe and gives me time to create from it in a new context. I watch the things around us that elude the formulation of words to choose how I make art. I use the abundance of the common urban, natural and digital spaces and surfaces that are regularly accessible yet remain obscure and groundless as photographs. They provide me with inconceivable forms that become concrete beginnings to open-ended visual experiences. 

I push the rules of the photographic processes to produce unpredictable outcomes. It can be done in the camera through different settings, with a subject that only reveals itself when it’s photographed, or in the post-process, creating situations where the image is transformed into abstract experiences. I make a still image move by inserting it into a video or have it work like a painting by smearing away the ink.  I photograph sculptural forms and cut them up in Photoshop or convert them into drawings.  Doing this somehow turns the images into verbs that we haven't made into words.

-BJH 2017


Born in Memphis, TN and raised in rural northeast Texas.  Currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA.

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