Ceramics on Paper - 2016 - present

These photographs formed through my interest in building something with my hands in a raw form that is physical, tactile and immediate that I could use to turn into the subject of an image. I build these clay forms fast and glaze them intuitively. I find backgrounds to photograph that give the illusion of a real setting for a questionable presence. Elements of the image are cut and repasted back over the image, using the software in post-production in a similarly random way with how the clay is first manipulated by hand. 

I'm trying to find a type of bridge that links these very different processes together, and using chance to make choices carries the artwork forward. The result is constructed still-life objects made from abstracted realities, outside of our vocabulary. They are a culmination of the ancient practice of firing clay, the now taken for granted method of capturing light, and the most recent capability of manipulating imagery through computer software.