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LCD Drawings  (2015 - present)

I made this body of work using pixilated imagery from a digital television screen. By interfering with the signal, the antenna broadcast display an endless collage of colors and forms instead of the usual content. I make countless photographs of this endless stream of visual noise and search for special discoveries or unexpected compositions to print. A selected image becomes the foundation to enter into a meditative experience through a slow and deliberate drawing process. 

The way I choose to interact with these screen fragments is my attempt to slow down the experience and find never before seen visions. Our current technologies are making our world faster and altering our minds and yet I feel my biology is in conflict with these experiences while my mind thinks it can keep up. Slowing down my perceptions by drawing over every detail of these television prints reminds me how important it is to continue experiencing the world in deeper ways. The artworks provide an example of what can be done to actively regard what our new technology presents instead of providing mindless distractions. In the end, are we here on Earth to be altered and formed by technology too sophisticated for us to understand, or do we exert our own real nature - our deep human biology that has unfolded over an unfathomable length of time - to explore the significant core of who we are?

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