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Channels - Wakeful Suspension of Consciousness - 16 minutes, 2014

Click image to view on Vimeo website

The video Channels - Wakeful Suspension of Consciousness consists of visual and audio recordings made from passive experiences - broadcast signals on the TV and music overheard from neighbors - that I combine intermittently with natural patterns of water and microscopic crystals into a momentary stream. It works as a demonstration of pre-cognition by the way I interpret the mediated content. Conversely, “Channels” acts as an imaginary broadcast that is interpreting the mental construction process of you, the viewer. The soundtrack of the video - the music, the television snippets and waves crashing - become the point of entry that carry the visual spaces along. In the television broadcast recordings, the image is blurred and the signal is scrambled to strip the content down to form, color and movement. The natural elements move by in textural forms. The music is recorded without obtaining knowledge of the person creating the sounds. I also chose not to edit out their practice mistakes or the extraneous sounds that come through the window. As I openly received and accepted the materials transmitting and seeping into my living space, I clarified this connection of silent influence between natural processes and our technological inventions. In line with these seemingly perpetual conditions, the video intrinsically made itself. Certain patterns occur vaguely as the video progresses to give a sense of order, but its underlying structure is anchored in unattainable memories. 

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Channels - Wakeful Suspension of Consciousness - 3 minute video clip.  click to view on Vimeo website

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